Webcam examples do not work

Hi all, having an issue whereby the only webcam example that works is the one in: /common/usb_webcam.ipynb

I get the following error:
<contextlib._GeneratorContextManager at 0xae75d7f0>

In the following cell:

Mode = VideoMode(640,480,24)
hdmi_out =

In the demo at base/video/opencv_face_detect_webcam.ipynb…

Webcam is a Logitech C270 and the only odd thing about my setup is I have the Pynq HDMI plugged into the secondary input on my monitor so I have to switch from my PC where I am using the Pynq from to that second input after I start things in Jupyter.

Anyone have any ideas ?

I think maybe you want to try to use the HDMI port solely for your board, instead of switching it manually?

That means getting a second display set up which is a pain but I shall try that.

I changed the video mode and got display but all I get is one still frame, not a moving image ?

So I have had a guess at what I need to do to make this output live video… keep in mind I am going in blind here and just guessing from the examples and some googling what is needed but I am close I think ? but get the following with the following… attached as a screenshot as I am not sure how else to post exactly what is going on ?