Work around for Xlnk being used in QNN-MO-PYNQ example

I’m using the Pynq Z2 board with the latest pynq 3.01 image. I setup this repo. I tried running an example notebook for supervised learning. I get the ‘Cannot import Xlnk’ error. I went through a couple of support questions and found that Xlnk is deprecated and replaced by pynq.allocate.

Can i get examples on using pynq.allocate for this example repo and further steps to build the project.


Hi @Aditya_S,

Welcome to the PYNQ community.

The repo you are linking has not been updated in 4 years and works with an old version of pynq.

I suggest you check out FINN. GitHub - Xilinx/finn: Dataflow compiler for QNN inference on FPGAs


Thanks for the reply.
I was checking finn out but the repo doesnt directly support Pynq Z2, there are some work arounds to be done there.