3.3V <-> 5V level shifter for Pynq Z1?

Hi folks,

I’m trying to interface Z1 with 5V TTL signals using either the PMOD connector or whatever it has. Since the board doesn’t support signal level >3.4V, I will need a level shifter. As I searched around, all such things I found requires double power supply 3.3V and 5V. I hope to let it work alone where there’s no 5V power supply. Can anyone recommend a decent level shifter that:

  • has at least one channel, and
  • has an on-board booster that generate 5V from 3.3V which I can get from Z1, and
  • working frequency >1MHz (10MHz better, 100MHz great), and
  • (would be better) can mechanically connect to the board firmly. Maybe two-row connector on the board will make connection stronger.

Any advice is appreciated.

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