Adding btusb kernel module to PYNQ OS

I’m using a ZYNQ Z2 and I would like to implement a project that requires Bluetooth Low Energy support. I would like to use my ASUS BT-400 Bluetooth Adapter, that is working without any problem in Linux workstations.
I can’t use it with the PYNQ OS. After some digging, it seems that the device is recognized by the system (it is listed when I launch lsusb on a terminal), but the kernel is missing drivers, probably btusb (dmesg is lacking messages about bluetooth and modprobe btusb returns an error).
So, I would like to build an sd-card image that includes that kernel module, but I’m having difficulties in understanding how to add kernel modules to it. It seems that it is using the petalinux framework, and I found some documentation about it, but I don’t understand what I should effectively do.

Thank you for helping me :slightly_smiling_face:

Board: ZYNQ-Z2
PYNQ version: v3.0.1