Any example to customize/use FMC?

Dear All,
I am excited to join the PYNQ community.
And I am trying to control some other hardware, which has an interface with quite a lot of pins (>64, input and output all together) under PYNQ, so I decide to use FMC. But I am not sure about which PYNQ lib could be used to control FMC IO and didn’t found any example about using FMC in PYNQ.
So I was wondering if anyone had tried FMC interface in PYNQ or was there any example about it could be referred?

Thank you!

Hello @quant_aug,

I am not aware of any design using FMC. But, you could use AXI4-Stream with a DMA engine or even a memory mapped with AXI4. However, you need to design the IP core which interfaces with the FMC.

Is it just output or input or a mix? How fast do you want to transfer data? Does the other hardware use a standard communication protocol?