Axi-s dma pl->ps

The PYNQ Z2 is a wonderful device. At the moment I’m trying to get AXI DMA to work, however, and it does not really want to.
My setup:
Pynq Z2
Linux 4.14-xilinx-v2018.3
Vivado 2019.1
pynq v2.5
numpy 1.17.2
matplotlib 3.1.1

I’m trying to feed a memory stream through a data FIFO that I will later replace with a custom HLS block. For now, the block design looks like this:

Note the interrupt pins from the 2 DMA blocks, mm2s_introut and s2mm_introut being connected through a Concat block to the IRQ_F2P port of the PS.

This leads to an error when trying to talk DMA with this block design:

Python code i’m running:

import numpy as np
import pynq
from pynq import Overlay, MMIO
from pynq.lib import DMA
import pynq.lib.dma
from pynq import allocate

ol = Overlay('./11-tochwel.bit')
dma_send = ol.axi_dma_ps_to_pl
dma_recv = ol.axi_dma_pl_to_ps

from pynq import Xlnk
data_size = 15
xlnk = Xlnk()
input_buffer = xlnk.cma_array(shape=(data_size,), dtype=np.uint32)
output_buffer = xlnk.cma_array(shape=(data_size,), dtype=np.uint32)
for i in range(data_size):
    input_buffer[i] = i + 0xcafe0000

dma_send = DMA(ol.ip_dict['axi_dma_ps_to_pl'])
dma_recv = DMA(ol.ip_dict['axi_dma_pl_to_ps'])



# dma_send.sendchannel.wait()
# dma_recv.recvchannel.wait()
for i in range(10):

The error:

<ipython-input-45-b53b94401f56> in <module>()
      1 import pynq.lib.dma
----> 3 dma_send = ol.axi_dma_ps_to_pl
      4 dma_recv = ol.axi_dma_pl_to_ps

/usr/local/lib/python3.6/dist-packages/pynq/ in __getattr__(self, key)
    335         """
    336         if self.is_loaded():
--> 337             return getattr(self._ip_map, key)
    338         else:
    339             raise RuntimeError("Overlay not currently loaded")

/usr/local/lib/python3.6/dist-packages/pynq/ in __getattr__(self, key)
    735         elif key in self._description['ip']:
    736             ipdescription = self._description['ip'][key]
--> 737             driver = ipdescription['driver'](ipdescription)
    738             setattr(self, key, driver)
    739             return driver

/usr/local/lib/python3.6/dist-packages/pynq/lib/ in __init__(self, description, *args, **kwargs)
    188                                'has been deprecated and moved to '
    189                                'pynq.lib.deprecated')
--> 190         super().__init__(description=description)
    192         if 'parameters' in description and \

/usr/local/lib/python3.6/dist-packages/pynq/ in __init__(self, description)
    600             self._gpio = {}
    601         for interrupt, details in self._interrupts.items():
--> 602             setattr(self, interrupt, Interrupt(details['fullpath']))
    603         for gpio, entry in self._gpio.items():
    604             gpio_number = GPIO.get_gpio_pin(entry['index'])

/usr/local/lib/python3.6/dist-packages/pynq/ in __init__(self, pinname)
     96         self.number = PL.interrupt_pins[pinname]['index']
     97         self.parent = weakref.ref(
---> 98             _InterruptController.get_controller(parentname))
     99         self.event = asyncio.Event()
    100         self.waiting = False

/usr/local/lib/python3.6/dist-packages/pynq/ in get_controller(name)
    157             if == name:
    158                 return con
--> 159         ret = _InterruptController(name)
    160         _InterruptController._controllers.append(ret)
    161         return ret

/usr/local/lib/python3.6/dist-packages/pynq/ in __init__(self, name)
    175         """
    176 = name
--> 177         self.mmio = MMIO(PL.ip_dict[name]['phys_addr'], 32)
    178         self.wait_handles = [[] for _ in range(32)]
    179         self.event_number = 0

KeyError: ''

This error does not occur if I remove the Concat block and leave the DMA introut ports disconnected, however then I always retrieve the value 0xdec0dee3 back from the DMA.
Is this a bug in the pynq library?

I think you should just use


In order to get rid of this error, you should use an AXI Interrupt Controller.
If we assume that:

overlay = Overlay(“path_to_bitstream/bitstream.bit”)

then if you take a look at:


you can see that the DMA’s S2MM and MM2S have no interrupt controller, something like:

{‘fullpath’: ‘axi_dma_0’, ‘type’: ‘’, ‘state’: None, ‘addr_range’: 65536, ‘phys_addr’: 1077936128, ‘mem_id’: ‘S_AXI_LITE’, ‘gpio’: {},
‘s2mm_introut’: {‘controller’: ‘’, ‘index’: 0, ‘fullpath’: ‘axi_dma_0/s2mm_introut’},
‘mm2s_introut’: {‘controller’: ‘’, ‘index’: 2, ‘fullpath’: ‘axi_dma_0/mm2s_introut’}


Instead of connecting the dout from concat directly to IRQ_F2P of the ZYNQ, connect it to the input of AXI Interrupt Controller block, and then connect the output of the AXI Interrupt Controller block to the IRQ_F2P of the ZYNQ.

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