Bitfile programming during Linux bootup

I have found that the pynq initialize the base.bit and base.hwh usiing fpga_hw manager during linux bootup. these files must be located here “/home/xilinx/pynq/overlays/base.bit”.

Can you please let me know which script or python file is running during startup to do the above task?
I want to change the path of the default base.bit file.


There’s a script at /boot/ since PYNQ 2.6 which is responsible for loading the bitstream and flashing the LEDs on the Z1 and Z2. This script is designed to be freely changeable to run your own code at boot instead. In previous versions this was done by /usr/local/bin/


Superb, Thanks for quick answer! :+1:

Hi Peter,
I am using version 2.5 where /usr/local/bin/ is running at startup,
I want to move this file to /boot/ as its more appropriate but i dont want to upgarde the whole pynq version
Which script or may be cron job is running