Can the PYNQ package be upgraded locally on the target board?

PYNQ Version: 2.6.0
Board: Custom

The objective here is to upgrade to Python 3.8+ without rebuilding from Petalinux. PYNQ 2.7.0 supports the Python version I am looking for but I’ve been unsuccessful in finding any forum posts that outline a method for doing this.

Thanks in advance!

This will be highly not suggested as the prebuilt image is based on different environment so this is not a good idea to directly upgrade the 2.6 version to 2.7 without rebuilding the image.
It is very easy and only less than 2 hours of install and build to create a custom image of 2.7.
Of cause this is highly depended on the download speed of the Vivado package but once it is downloaded you can build it within 1 hours.

A step by step are posted here.

@briansune Ok, that answers my question and I appreciate it. If I need to update I will rebuild the image.

Hi @vhdlrocks,

As Brian mentioned this is not recommended at all. Each version of the SD card image is associated to a particular PYNQ version, drivers, packages and Xilinx tools.
Upgrading on the board could potentially work, however it is very likely you will find many issues.


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