Can we have PYNQ running on any Xilinx SoC

We are planning to explore PYNQ on the below mentioned board.
-Board : iW-G30M-C7EV-4E008G-E008G-BIA (xczu7ev-fbvb900-1-i)
-Tool : Xilinx 2021.2 tool chain.

My query is can we have PYNQ running on any of the AMD SoC or it is limited the boards mentioned in the PYNQ - Python productivity for Zynq - Board.

I saw one section called supported IP in PYNQ Libraries — Python productivity for Zynq (Pynq). My question is does it support all the AMD standard IP? For example, I want to use MIPI TX/MIP RX IP or Ethernet IPs, does PYNQ allow us to work on any IP or is there any restriction on certain IPs ?

Can we have PYNQ running on custom board ?

Thanks for your support in advance.

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Hi @Santosh,

Welcome to the PYNQ community.

We provided a number of pre-build SD card images for selected boards.

We also provide documentation to build your own image for other boards. Documentation below:

You can also find several post in the forum about this.


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