Information needed for building PYNQ on custom board

I am planning to build a custom board based on xczu7ev-ffvc1156-2-e. What measures do I need to take to implement PYNQ on that board? Most of the thing will run independently in PL, apart from the fact, it would be controlled by the PS. In this case, Can I use the stock image of PYNQ for ZCU104? In my board there would be SDI ports, 8 DDR, and other parts that are not available in ZCU104, do I need to consider something else for the hardware changes?

Any suggestion would be really appreciated.


Our recommended flow is first to get a bootable Petalinux BSP up and running for your board that will detail all of the external peripherals and then follow the board-agnostic build flow to generate a PYNQ image. It uses the same root filesystem as for the ZCU104 but makes sure the kernel will work for your board.


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