Cannot find the USB endpoint out to send data

I am trying to send some data from the PYNQ Z1 board. I managed to install pyUSB and the library is working fine. I wanted to send some data from the board to the PC. But, when I printed the interface configuration I got the following:

>>> cfg = dev.get_active_configuration()
>>> Intf = cfg[(0, 0)]
>>> print(intf)

INTERFACE 0: Hub =======================================
 bLength            :    0x9 (9 bytes)
 bDescriptorType    :    0x4 Interface
 bInterfaceNumber   :    0x0
 bAlternateSetting  :    0x0
 bNumEndpoints      :    0x1
 bInterfaceClass    :    0x9 Hub
 bInterfaceSubClass :    0x0
 bInterfaceProtocol :    0x0
 iInterface         :    0x0 
  ENDPOINT 0x81: Interrupt IN ==========================
   bLength          :    0x7 (7 bytes)
   bDescriptorType  :    0x5 Endpoint
   bEndpointAddress :   0x81 IN
   bmAttributes     :    0x3 Interrupt
   wMaxPacketSize   :    0x4 (4 bytes)
   bInterval        :    0xc

The USB interface has only one direction as an input. Is it possible to change that to be able to send data?