Composable Overlay .bit file

Hi Cameron,

i.e. the long list of bit files such as ‘cv_dfx_3_pr_composable_pr_1_dilate_erode_partial.bit’ are all components held within the ‘cv_dfx_3_pr.bit’ ?

The files that contain pr_ and partial in the name are the dynamic reconfigurable portions of the design. The DFX part.

p.s. does it have to be version 2020.2 of vivado and vitis?

I suggest you use the v1.1.0-dev branch. Which is aligned with Vitis 2022.1 and PYNQ 3.0.1. You need both Vitis and Vivado.

When it says rebuild does this mean that to build your own adaptation of the composable pipeline requires vivado and vitis,? what is actually happening when you run the make file on a board with a linux operating system and vivado installed?

For the overlays we provide you do not need to rebuild. But, if you would like to make any change or add a new IP you need to rebuild the full project.
The Makefile encompasses several steps:

  1. Compiles the selected vision functions to an IP using Vitis HLS
  2. Creates the Vivado Project, Block Design, generate bitstreams and partial bitstreams
  3. Copy extra files to the overlay project

Optionally you can zip all up with make zip

This description is at a very high level, each step contains sub steps that are described using TCL.


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