KV260 Base Overlay - failed

Hi All,

Recently I have redownloaded PYNQ for the Kria KV260 by following the steps on the following repository: GitHub - Xilinx/Kria-PYNQ at v3.0.

I had done the same a few months back but I was paying a bit more attention to the file structure during install.

This time however, the base overlay didn’t work with the KV260. The Kria pynq installed 3 folders in one location: the pynq_composable, pynq_dpu and a kv260 folder (found in the github repo linked above) are installed in a pynq virtual environment (usr/local/share/pynq-venv/lib/python3.10/site-packages)
Whereas the main pynq folder was located in a different location: usr/local/lib/python3.10/dist-packages.

Is this correct? I imagined all the pynq files and associated platforms would have installed within the pynq venv.

Whilst the bitstreams for the pynq_composable and pynq_dpu libraries work on the kv260 jupyter notebook webserver in the pynq venv location, the bitstream for the base overlay doesn’t load correctly - presenting the error shown below:

Note the folder kv260 contains the base.bit, base.hwh and base.dtbo files.

Has anyone had similar struggles with the base overlay or have any advice?


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Hi @cking,

Does this problem persist after reboot?


Hi Mario,

Forgot to update this thread -yesterday a reboot had no effect.

But after booting up the board and logging in today it worked fine!

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