Composable Video Pipeline - Measure FPS

I’m playing around with the composable video pipeline, which is class btw!

Is there any simple way to measure the performance of the pipeline (FPS or something similar) without having to redesign the overlay?

For reference - I’m trying to compare the performance of a function implemented in software vs. it’s accelerated counterpart.


What board are you using? and what input video source?


Sorry, that would be crucial!

It’s a Pynq-Z2 and I’m using HDMI IN to input footage from a laptop.

You can check the FPS that you laptop is producing for that particular HDMI.

Alternatively, if you start the HDMI with the HDMIVideo class, you can check the fps like this

video = HDMIVideo(ol)
print("Input HDMI fps {}".format(video._source_in.mode.fps))

The pipeline is capable to run at line rate.

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Thanks, that’s useful to have.

What I really wanted to do was measure the execution time of a single frame through the pipeline. I guess I’d need to create my own overlay for that?

There’s no easy way to do it using HDMI in and out without modifying the overlay.

What you could do is to move an image from the PS and get the result back to the PS. This should give you a good estimate.