PyGame compatibility with PYNQ Z1


I wanted to ask if it’s possible to use PyGame library with PYNQ Z1? What I mean is: I wanted to make a simple PONG game, so I figured that it would be easiest to use that library, then I wanted to use HDMI cable to connect the board with monitor to play the game. Do you think that’s possible? Does anyone have any tips on this matter? I’m kinda new in this topic so any help is appreciated! What in your opinion is the easiest way to make this idea work? Thank you for any help!

The short answer (in my opinion) is: yes, but it is needed additional effort.

Take a look at the Video API: Video — Python productivity for Zynq (Pynq)

You can use also the composable pipeline, so take a look at this Jupyter Notebook:

Maybe you need to interface PyGame to the pipeline or the Video API. But I think you need to modify the PyGame library in order to send the video to the Video API/pipeline.

Another option is to use an additional IP for interfacing directly to the HDMI (if you want to use directly the PL), maybe take a look at this project:

If you see, there is a custom IP defined in the file “nes_dp.v” that allows you to communicate directly with the HDMI of the KV260.

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