Configuration of the USB HOST of the PYNQ z1 board

can someone help me with my problem, please
I want to configure the USB HOST of the PYNQ Z1 card as an input to place my fingerprint sensor and acquire images.I am new with the card I need this step to start my project.

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This isn’t really a PYNQ question. PYNQ is based on Ubuntu. I’d suggest you google on Ubuntu forums for answers on how to get your sensor working with (an ARM based) Ubuntu embedded system - if there is a driver or other software support for it. Ideally there is a Python (>= Python 3) package for it that you would be able to use alongside PYNQ.


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thanks for y’re reply
there is a package for the driver of my sensor but only with arduino or raspberry PI i don’t know if this packages work on PYNQ Z1 boad

Is the driver working on the Pi’s Ubuntu or Debian distros? In that case it may work for the Pynq boards too.