Connecting DAC (AD5791) to Pynq- Z1

Hi All,
Recently I started working with the pynq z1 board. I don’t have a background in these stuff. I want to connect a DAC to the pynq Z1 board. The DAC I have (ad5791) :

Is it possible to connect these kinds of DAC to pynq Z1 or we need some specific ones like PMOD DA1/ PMOD DA2/ PMOD DA3 etc. If it is possible to connect AD5791, then where should I start ? Does it use SPI interface ? if yes, then how to enable it? And which pins to connect to get the serial data input for the DAC?

Thanks in advance

AD5791 is only a chip. You will need peripherals like pmod, grove, or arduino to connect to pynq-z1. Once you have that peripheral (e.g. an Arduino shield with AD5791), you can test it using our drivers - there are many examples to follow in the jupyter notebooks.

Hi , thanks for the reply. I am mounting the chip in a PCB. That will work right ? Suppose if I want to use pmod interface. Is there any existing library to drive this particular chip ? Or I have to write my own library ?
Also if I have to write my own library can you please give me some link for the existing libraries, so that I can have an idea how to write it ? Thanks a lot

I have not checked the interface of that chip, but I guess it falls into one of the categories: iic, spi, or uart. For those types of interfaces, we have so many examples on the base overlay. Depending on what interface you have, you may want to check specific examples under /home/xilinx/jupyter_notebooks/pmod