Controlling audio from microblaze on the Pynq Z2


I am currently working on a real-time application on the Pynq Z2 and I am using the arduino microblaze to acquire some data. Depending on the data, I want to be able to play a sound instantly (I cannot really send an interruption (already used for another task) or send data through the mailbox to the python code (because the execution time would be too variant)) so I wanted to control the audio module from my microblaze. I looked into the code and into the library code (xilinx\pynq\lib_pynq_audio) but I do not know how to create an equivalent in microblaze because I do not have access to every library (like “sys/ioctl.h” or “linux/i2c-dev.h”) (if I can directly import the .so it would be perfect but I guess the problem would still be the same). I know how to access the audio register from the microblaze (by connecting the S-Axis pin of the audio controller to the M-Axis of my microblaze) because I’ve been controlling some Axi-DMA this way. But I cannot just execute the code from

If you have any thought or information to help me, I would be grateful.

Thank you for your time.

I might have found a way by using the work present here : and interacting only with the DMA in microblaze and configuring the rest in Python