I2C connected with pynq-z2

Hello community.

I have an ICM-20948 motion tracking sensor module connected to pynq-z2 via I2C bus. I’m using jumper cable to connect VCC, GND, SCL and SDA of the module to the arduino headers on pynq-z2. I tried to use Microblaze Python Libraries from the base overlay to read from I2C. I used “MicroblazeLibrary(base.ARDUINO, [‘i2c’])”, “device = lib.i2c_open_device(0)” and read from the slave’s address (0x69) to get data from the registers referring to the same process in the jupyter notebook, but get nothing returned (the buffer remains empty). I’m wondering is that the correct way of using Microblaze I2C from base overlay via the python framework or lower-level efforts need to be made (like rewriting drivers in c)?