Could we use two jupyter notebook to de different things use same bit?

I guess ,could we use different jupyter nootbook window to do different things.
We use to 2 different jupyter notebook window to do AI interface with same IP .
Or like:
Could we use 2 different jupyter notebook window load same One for uart,and one for HDMI???

Yes, both notebook sessions are aware of the current bitstream status. So if you load a bitstream in one notebook, you can query and verify that on the other notebook - you don’t have to download it again in the 2nd notebook.

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I try to use the self defined IP .and I find if i don’t load the same bit in another jupyter notebook, I can’t use that self-defined IP.
And if I reload the bit again in another jupyter notebook window, The pre-load bit will be replaced(even they are same bit).
So ,It seems I want open two different jupyter notebook use the IP in same bit,It is impossible.
Is it?

If you download the bitstream in one notebook and change something in the overlay, and then download it again in another notebook, it will reset the programmable logic to the initial state. You can use instantiate the Overlay in the second notebook with download = false

base = Overlay("base.bit", download=False)

This will allow you to interact with the overlay without downloading it a second time.

See here for reference:

Does this resolve your problem?


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