Loading two overlays in single notebook

Is it possible to load two overlays in a single notebook? i have an image processing IP created in HLS and so far it is working fine with DisplayPort. But if I want to use the HDMI output, I have to import BaseOverlay file. But I am not getting any output at HDMI after importing BaseOverlay file, rather it is hanging when I send data to HDMI output and afterward I have to restart the board. Will that be possible to load two separate overlay files without editing BaseOverlay file?


An Overlay is a design for the Programmable Logic. If you load a second overlay, it replaces the first one.


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I can understand now. Just a thought, it might not fully replace the first overlay. Like if I load base overlay and afterward I load another overlay, In code I have set an activity for the buttons. If I press the buttons (no errors are showing), it hangs and I had to restart the board. It should not be getting any response from the board regarding the button pressing as the base overlay is replaced by the newer one.