Creating Composable Overlay question


I have gone through the tutorial to create a composable overlay and it works.

I would like to switch out the FIR filters and put in different video functions but am not sure how to extend the example to include setting the IP configurations (like resolutions in the resize function). I have done the PYNQ-HelloWorld example and would like to move that onto one port of the video switch (and then add additional IP later).

I need to configure the Ip using AXILite ports. Are there more steps to this than examples like the PYNQ-HelloWorld?



Yes, further runtime configurations of the IP are done with AXI4-Lite. You may want to look at the composable video overlay design. GitHub - Xilinx/PYNQ_Composable_Pipeline: PYNQ Composabe Overlays


Thanks. I will keep working.


@marioruiz I am diving into the composable module and am looking at pblock configuration. Can you share some insight on how the team determined what to add to each pblock?


In this section of the video I covered this PYNQ Composable Overlay overview and demo - YouTube until 10:30 seconds