DAC-ADC loopback is not working fine

PYNQ Version: PYNQ 2.7.0
Board: ZCU111
Error: DAC-ADC loopback is not working fine
ADC : ADC224_T0_CH0
DAC: DAC229_T1_CH2

I want to test DAC-ADC loopback on the ZCU111 board.
So, I generated a sinusoidal signal of 8192 samples and transferred it to the DAC via DMA.
On the receiver side, the samples from the ADC are stored in DDR via DMA.
Initially, I got an error with DMA; later, it was resolved by adding tlast generation module.

Now, the received signal fft is almost the same as the transmitted signal except in magnitude.
From the time domain plot, we can see the ADC is receiving signal with different amplitude level.

dac_adc_loopback_3.hwh (578.9 KB)
dac_adc_loopback_3.ipynb (57.3 KB)
dac_adc_loopback_3.tcl (25.7 KB)
design_1.tcl (25.7 KB)

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