Debug HDMI Video Source, logging available?

I need to interface with a custom video source that uses HDMI but a custom format. As such I’d like to see the format information sent by the device to the receiver (now a Pynq Z2). However, I can’t find the source for the video IP libs.

For Pynq, are the video cores NOT open source? I’m actually less interested in the receiving and transformation of the data if that’s closed source. But I am interested in seeing what information the device is broadcasting about its format. Is it possible to view the broadcasted format info for an hdmi source with debug flags on the video lib if it can’t be recompiled?

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Do you mean you want to check the video information from Python, or you want to check the low level information that is transferred on the HDMI interface? You can print the detected information about the source in Python.

You can see some code snippets here:
There should be other example notebooks on your board you can check.

You can find the IP for the PYNQ-Z2 here: PYNQ/boards/ip at master · Xilinx/PYNQ · GitHub
I think a good starting point would be to rebuild the IPI block diagram for the PYNQ-Z2

There is an IIC connected to the HDMI that carriers information about the video signals. (This may not be obvious from the block diagram). You can check the PYNQ-Z2 board schematics to see how this is connected.


Thanks, Cathal. The information for the source device doesn’t seem encoded in a standard way that works with the simple rgb decoding (it’s actually raw bayer pattern), so I need to inject the EDID and modify the decoding. It looks like the video IP is prepared for build this in, but my attempts to build from source (sourcing the whole toolchain Vitis Vivado HLS doesn’t prevent a make error). The docs only reference generically sourcing the tools to rebuild. Can you enumerate the tools and version of tool that are required to recompile PYNQ for Z2? Thanks,