DMA Scatter-Gather Support in V2.6

I have seen there is development of DMA scatter gather support in version 2.6 but its not releases yet,
We have used simple PYNQ DMA library for our custom board but its not catching up the data throughput required. I want to use the DMA scatter gather mode in our board so,

  1. Can i use the v2.6 only DMA lib updated files in our current v2.5 if yes how?
  2. Is there any example already build to get started with scatter gather mode?
  3. When version 2.6 will be released?


It is still under development. We are trying to released it in a month or so.

@rock Any word on this? I’m about to try and roll my own SG descriptor chain in python for a firmware we are working on at UCSB.

Sorry we have our release delayed for this long, but it should be coming in 2-3 weeks. Please be patient.


I’m very interested to !
Do you have any information about a release date ?

Thank you, thank you very much for your work !

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