Pynq 2.6 - DMA infos?

Hi all,

On a fresh ZCU104 /Pynq 2.6 install I was able to manage our DMA (with sg mode) from python code.
First of all really thank you for you effort it’s really simple to understand !

I know it’s maybe not the right forum to post but I make a try :slight_smile:

But could you please elaborate some points to be able to do the same thing in C code?


You could search for example designs from Xilinx like: AR# 57550: Example Designs - Designing with the AXI DMA core

Thank you for the link.

My bad : I would like the same example with linux driver :S

I would like the same :slight_smile:


You can maybe take a look here:


But I’m not sure about what should be inside the driver or not :S