Does PYNQ support Mali-400 GPU on ZCU-104?

Hi, dear PYNQ elite team,

We are using PYNQ+ZCU-104 for some GUI display via the DisplayPort. However, the CPU time takes 50% around for the display task on the CPU.

Thus, we have the need to enable Mali-400 GPU on PYNQ+ZCU-104 for display acceleration. Does PYNQ support Mali-400 GPU on ZCU-104? If yes, where is there any example code for reference? If no, do you have any suggestions to enable Mali-400 GPU?

Thank you.

Do the development team have any comment on this issue? Is it feasible to use???

Or is there anyone ever have the experience to use the Mali-400 GPU on ZCU-10x ?

Thank you very much.

The Mali isn’t supported directly by PYNQ. You could still use it in your design, but not directly from PYNQ.


Hi, Cathal,

Thank you. What do you mean by “You could still use it in your design, but not directly from PYNQ.”? If we use PYNQ image, does it mean no chance?

Also, if we would need to build our own PYNQ image, is this could be incorporated into the PYNQ image? Is there any documentation for this as you know?

Thank you

All the best,

The GPU isn’t currently enabled in the PYNQ image. The proprietary drivers aren’t compiled in a form suitable to for use with the vendor-neutral OpenGL dispatch library used in Ubuntu. In theory it should be possible to replace that with the precompiled binaries but it’s not something I’ve tried or seen documentation on how to do. You’ll also need to compile the kernel module - the best instructions I’ve seen for that is unfortunately the petalinux recipe.