Installing PYNQ on ZCU102

  • ZCU102
  • PYNQ 3.0

I am trying to install Pynq on a ZCU102 board. I have tried following the guide PYNQ SD Card image — Python productivity for Zynq (Pynq), although I can’t follow exactly what steps are required.

So far, I have installed Ubuntu Desktop 22.04 LTS via an SD card. From here I have tried pip install pynq, but this returned a error legacy-install-failure. I believe this is because I don’t have Pynq image on the SD card.

I have looked into making an image for ZCU102. I have downloaded the rootfs aarch64 v3.0.1, Pynq source dist v3.0.1 and have Xilinx Vitis/Vivado 2022 and Petalinux installed on a Ubuntu OS.

What do I need to change for this to work with the ZCU102? Is it simply following the Elements of the specification file section, and changing ZCU104 to ZCU102? Or is there more required?

Once this is done, can I just follow Steps 1-4 of Building the Image From Source, and that will create the image I need?

Thank you.

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Hi there,

Installing the pynq python package requires quite a few dependencies, including binary downloads. If you’re doing this on a Canonical provided Ubuntu image, your best bet would be to adapt some of the install steps from Kria-Pynq, I think that’s the closest we have to an example of installing it on non-PYNQ Ubuntu images.

Here’s a relevant post on this process An Attempt to Install PYNQ on Ubuntu for ZCU102

For creating a full PYNQ image, I don’t think you need to change much, you’re right you’d need to provide a zcu102.bsp and change the .spec file accordingly. There’s a relevant post on this as well: Failed to build PYNQ image file for ZCU102



Thanks Shawn for the speedy response.

Turns out creating a full PYNQ image isn’t an option, given some limitations.

I had a look at the Kria-Pynq install steps and found the branch for ZCU102 GitHub - ATchelet/ZCU102-PYNQ, and it looks promising for my needs.

Will report back when I get a chance to run it.

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Hello Russel (@russeldodds) Can you please share if you were able to successfully complete this? If yes, then can you please share the relevant links ?