Error during building PYNQv2.7 for ZedBoard

20220111094615.log (303.9 KB)
Newbie here. Exploring the ZedBoard to be able to run PYNQ OS (v 2.7) on it.


  1. Ubuntu 18.06 VM using VagrantFile
  2. PetaLinux 2020.2
  3. Vitis Unified Software Platform 2020.2

I have followed the steps in the here and the little resources available on this topic on the internet.

However I am encountering the same error (Failed to build device-tree) multiple times and I am stuck at the same point. Could not find a similar thread in the forum.

Attached the output images of the terminal and the log file.

After this, I get an error saying "Failed to build device-tree"

Please do help me resolve this.
If anyone has the prebuilt image for Zedboard, do share it with me.

Hi there,

What command are you using to build the image? Failed to fetch indicates that this might be some sort of connectivity problem - does your vm have internet access?

You can read up a bit more on PYNQ image building on the PYNQ github repository.


Greetings Shawn,

I have used 2 commands in particular:

  1. make boot_files BOARDS=zed (Ref : here)
  2. ./scripts/ zed arm /boards/zed/base/base.bit (Ref : here)

Yes, my VM has internet access

This is the directory structure. I have used the PYNQ-Z2 board files as the base.

Some other references I found on this topic were this

Thank you for the reply
Do let me know if you need anything else

For 2. at least if you look at the script that you run from pynq/sdbuild (which I highly recommend reading through to familiarize yourself with the image build flow a bit more), it looks like you are missing the bsp and are passing a bitstream instead of a prebuilt image, the script it requires 4 inputs:

./scripts/ board bsp_file arch prebuilt

you should add the bsp location and the prebuilt image can be downloaded from, you’ll find a download link under “Build a PYNQ SD card image”.

In terms of your spec file… is that a pynq-z2 bitstream you included in base? If the bitstream wasn’t generated for your board I would leave that field blank.

Also, before your run a make command again I recommend doing a make clean.

Greetings Shawn,

Apologies for the delay in response.
Thank you for your input.
I took some time to go through the resources you mentioned and followed the steps as you suggested.

I was able to successfully build the PYNQ Image for the ZedBoard.
Haven’t been able to test it on the board yet.