Ethernet access issues

Hi everyone!
I’m quite new to pynq
I have built my first image for custom zynq7010 board
I used board agnostic image and my board boots without any issues
The problem is I can’t ping my board even after I assigned static ip adddress for my board and pc to be in one subnet
eth0 configuration is default, except static ip and netmask
here is what I get from ifconfig
Please, tell me what can be possibly wrong
Снимок экрана от 2020-12-05 00-30-10

Hi @icstars97,

You need to set up eth0 in the board, something like this

sudo ifconfig eth0 up

After that you should be able to ping from your PC the board or vice versa.


Hi @marioruiz
thank you for your advice
ip address appeared in ifconfig output, but ufortunately the board is still unreachable
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By the way when I am running clean petalinux eth0 has RUNNING status indicator
Can it be an issue?