Pynq Z2 ethernet connection problem

Hi everyone,

I followed Pynq z2 setup guide and could successfully boot the image using sd card (I get the blue and green leds on the board). However, it seems that there is a problem with ethernet connection and I can’t connect to the board to start using Jupyter notebook.
I followed the instructions in the this link to set the eth0 static IP ( on my ubuntu machine and also tried it on a windows machine. In both cases I can’t get access to the board. I connected the micro-USB cable from my computer to the board and used Putty to got access to terminal. I checked the network connection of the board using “IP a” command and it seems that eth0 IP is different from what I am using to connect to it ( or Do you have any idea what is going wrong? Thank you!


Hi @zara,

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Where is the Ethernet port of the PYNQ-Z2 board connected to? If it is connected to a router and your computer is connected to a router, you can just use the board IP to connect. or pynq:8888/lab.


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Thank you for your reply!
No it’s directly connected to the PC. Shouldn’t I use “” in that case?

Can you try to do ifconfig eth0 in the board?

The interface got a different IP address that the default, did you change any configuration

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Thank you for your help!

I ended up connecting both the board and the PC to the same router to get it to work with

Connecting the board directly to the PC and using ifconfig to set both the board and PC eth0 to the same subnet, didn’t work for me.

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