Fabric node in device tree added by meta-xilinx-pynq


The following node is added in device tree by pynq-overlay recipe in meta-xilinx-pynq:-

fabric@A0000000 {
compatible = “generic-uio”;
reg = <0x0 0xA0001000 0x0 0x1000>;
status = “okay”;
interrupt-parent = <&gic>;
interrupts = <0 89 4>;

Since I’m trying to add pynq package in a custom zynqmp SOM. I’d like to know what the address “0xA0001000” and interrupt “0 89 4” is referring to ?

So that I may remove or change this to appropriate values.

This device is solely used for interrupt support. The address doesn’t matter as long as it doesn’t conflict with another device in the device-tree. The interrupt line is making a level-triggered interrupt on the first PL to PS interrupt line in accordance with the expectations for the pynq interrupt framework.

Depending on what you’re planning on doing with your SOM you can either remove it if you don’t need PYNQ interrupt support, move it to a different interrupt/address if it conflicts with something in your default PL design or leave it as is.


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