Format of PYNQ RFSoC LMX2594 ext clock programming files

I am working with a ZCU111, other boards may also benefit. 245.76MHz is missing from the xrfclk ext clock freq library.

I would like to create a new file to enable 245.76MHz. I have files that program 245.76MHz through other tools such as Avnet’s RFSoC Explorer / RFTool / MathWorks HDL Coder for RFSoC but those files seem to have a similar but different format. They seem to have both the LMX and LMK in one file, which is obvious but the number of registers and register names are different than the files PYNQ is using. I only need to re-program the LMX part to achieve 245.76MHz, the LMK has the right files already.

Can anyone direct me to which version of the TI TICS PRO software was used and the process for PYNQ? Or even better if someone had a file ready to go to make 245.76MHz it would be greatly appreciated!

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I use TICS PRO version

I have the following, so the LMX configuration is for twice the LMK frequency. This may not help you.


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Is there other option than TICS PRO version TICS PRO does not supports linux.