Getting data off the RFSoC 2x2

In the RFSoC 2x2, I have seen in one of the notebooks that comes with the board (Notebook) that you can get data off the board by accessing the ADCs with the following command:


I have tested how much time it takes to perform the command and it’s 200ms. Meaning I can only get data every 200ms, I was looking for a quicker way to get the data or if there is some kind of buffering I can access so that I can get continuous data. Maybe I’m understanding something the wrong way.

Some parameters I’m using: sampling frequency: 4.096GHz, center frequency: 1.024GHz and number of samples: 1024

Thanks in advance.

Hi there,

There are some more involved RFSoC (PYNQ-based) examples with hardware acceleration that work on the RFSoC2x2 on this repository. Maybe they would be of some help. Depending on how much performance you’re looking for, you might have to look at writing your application in C++ and interacting with the drivers directly, rather than using the xrfdc Python bindings.


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