HDMI Processing Using PYNQ


I am trying to accelerate an image processing algorithm using PYNQ

The board is PYNQ Z2, Vivado Version used is 2019.1, device has image PYNQv3.0

Input is from HDMI in, output shows on a screen from HDMI out.

I have a few questions:

  1. I have re-generated the base overlay, and inserted the image processing ip after color convert in hdmi-in, is that the correct place for it or should I place the custom ip after pixel-pack? For reference, i am using an ip from this hls code : GitHub - medalotte/HLS-canny-edge-detection: FPGA implementation of Canny edge detection by using Vivado HLS
  2. Also I am using PYNQ3.0

However the entire overlay was generated on 2019.1, using the base overlay from PYNQ2.4

Should I downgrade the version of PYNQ on my board?