Help with building custom board - sd card out of space


I’m trying to get to the point where I can build my own custom board/FPGA design rather than the Pynq-Z1. I can build the Pynq-Z1 currently and it runs on the zynq. I then copy the ‘Pynq-Z1’ directory in the boards folder within the Pynq repo. I rename that to “Rob-1”. This will be the new “board” I want to build. I update the .spec file to reflect these changes and kick off the build with the

make BOARDS=Rob-1

command. It seems as though all of the boards are getting built to some degree and loaded on the sdcard bionic partition that holds the filesystem during the build process. The build fails because I run out of space. I have a screenshot of the failure below. Why would this be happening when I’m specifying my board name to the make file?

It seems that you have gone very far to the last stage of the building process. I guess you need to make sure you have enough space for your VM? What is your disk size for your VM?

Btw, are you making the vivado project in your board folder? In that case the pynq package will pick up everything in that board folder (including your entire vivado project) and copy onto the image. This may not be want you wanted. So you probably need to run make clean in your vivado project, so that only picks up necessary files such as *.bit, *.hwh, *.tcl

Hi Rock,

I did build the vivado project and I bet that is what is happening. I bet it is copying everything over and a fully built vivado project (base) cannot fit on the sd card. My partition used for building is pretty big and that isn’t full. I attached a screenshot showing a special partition I made just for building from the Pynq repo.

Then the solution is to move your vivado project away from the board folder so won’t pick up everything.

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