HLS Tutorial question; looping data

Re: Tutorial: AXI Master interfaces with HLS IP - #5 by dexu4

Hello wonderful work, i was thinking is there a possibility of reading data from the slave port then after copying said data to the buffer the same data is passed to the master port, then over and over is that a possibility?
I want to use something like a pass through to log data, and follow up question, I noticed the master and the slave in the example IP, but we didn’t really use them for data sharing, what was their importance then, thank you

By slave port do you mean the AXI Slave (control) port? Just to be clear, the AXI Slave is written to by the PS, so in your (Python) application you can write some control data (length and value in the example code).

If you want to generate a stream of data, then yes, you can do this in the HLS code.
Instead of a finite loop, you could have an infinitie loop here:

I noticed the master and the slave in the example IP

I’m not sure what you mean here. The AXI Master on the HLS IP is used to read and write data from the PS DRAM.
If you an confused about Master and Slave interfaces it may be helpful to remember that a Master port can initiate a transaction (either a read or a write), and a Slave can only respond to the transaction from the Master.

In the example, the AXI Master reads data from the PS DRAM, internally in the IP the data is modified, then the AXI Master writes the data back to PS DRAM.