How can i know my application is implemented in which part of hardware of pynq-Z1?

I am doing an application on pynq-Z1. how can i know in which hardware part it is implemented or which part is free for acceleration?

Do you mean you want to find out how much hardware/programmable logic you design uses, and how much is left? If so, you can find this in the Vivado reports.

If this was not your question, could you please explain in more detail?


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That answers my question partially. I would like to know how much of PL my design uses, when i am programming my application and run it through Jupyter Notebook. In my program, I am using base overlay also.

You’ll have to synthesize the bitstream using Vivado and check the usage report there.
We don’t have a way of fetching this info from jupyter.

At jupyter run-time, resource usage is fixed on the FPGA for the base overlay (and this is true for all bitstreams that are not using partial reconfiguration), no matter how you are using the overlay. What changes is how you use it (e.g. how you program the IOPs/Microblazes) and this might impact energy-consumption, but not resource usage.

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