How could I find more detail in base for pynq

Hello,have you notice the “base”?
inthis example in pynq image V2.5 “notebooks/base/board/board_btns_leds.ipynb”,it shows the use of led from base.bit. How can I know more detail about it.
like the led infomation

Typing base. in your jupyter notebook and hit “tab”? There are a couple of dictionaries that you can explore like ip_dict, hierarchy_dict, etc. register_map is also something you can check.

Block designs can be seen after you run make hls_ip block_design.

thank u for your instrution,I use your way and find all the child dictionary in base.
and I want to ask more.How if I want to find more indomation in base? Like if I want to know more detail and method like led on base.leds or button in base.buttons. How can I do to get such item like led or led.on() method noted in /base/board/board_btns_leds.ipynb

I try to use the way in register_map,it is an Error.
Btw,when I use leds = base.leds_gpio ,the result will be fina in leds.register_map

To find the available method, just use tab to do auto completion and you should be able to see available methods.

base.leds is not an IP object but leds_gpio is. Not all members of base can show register map.

get it ,thank for your information. It is very important for me.