How to check how many UARTs are included in the device tree of v2.4 image?

Hi, dear elites,

In ZYNQ, it can enable UART-0 and UART-1 on the PS side. While we install the v2.4 image on PYNQ-Z1 or Z2 FPGA, how can user check if the version of image already include UART-0 and UART-1 in the device tree?

Thank you

First install device-tree-compiler on your board:

sudo apt-get install deivce-tree-compiler

Then run

dtc -I fs /sys/firmware/devicetree/base > mydt.dts

Check mydt.dts to find out if you have UARTs in your device tree.

Hi, Rock,

Thank you for the information.

It works. After check, I can see both uart-0 and uart-1 in the dts log of pynq v2.4.

If that’s the case, does it mean the device driver of UART is already installed in the pynq v2.4 under Ubuntu18.04 ?

Thank you