Is it impossile to use uart in pynq-z2 with 115200 baud rate

I want to use uart in pynq platform.
A serious problem may occurs because if I use the uart rpi in pynq-z2,the baud rate is not configurate.
And if we make a new bit with uart0 or uart1 in zynq(PS),if we load bit in jupyter notebook,Would it conflict ?

One PS UART is in use. Yes, you should be able to enable the other one and direct it to the PL if this is what you want to do. Another option would be to add more AXI UART connected to the PS. This may be easier depending on what you are trying to do. You wouldn’t need to change the PS/PYNQ image/device tree. You could even add another UART to the RPi IOP, or make your own MicroBlaze. There are lots of ways to do this.


If so,we add a new uart,how could we use this uart in jupyter notebook?The linux protocal would be another affair.