How to connect I2C sensor with Z2?

Hi, everyone. I am a new learner of PYNQ-Z2. I am now trying to connect my BME 280 sensor to the PYNQ-Z2 board. The image I use is V3.01
Here is the hardware configuration

The SDA connects to pin 3.
The SCL connects to pin 5
Ground to pin 6
3V3 to pin 17

Try to use i2cdetect in the terminal, which can’t detect any sensor.
What library should I use?
Is there any example to get to know how to use it?
Thanks for everyone’s help

We use IOPs in PYNQ to connect to peripherals using the base Overlay.

You need to connect to specific pins. Alternatively, you can design your own overlay with I2C controller and write your own software for it but this is much more complicated.