How to run installs on pynq drive with other computer

I would like to install the package opencv-contrib-python rather than opencv-python and it keeps timing out as it runs for 12 hours to install this. is there i way i can take the sd card out of the pynq board and run this install with a more powerful cpu with a different computer? or is there some other thing that can be wrong? it gets stuck at building the wheel and the terminal terminates on it’s own after 12 hours and does not have any errors. I’ve tried pip install --upgrade pip,
pip install --upgrade pip setuptools wheel
pip install --upgrade pip numpy
regular opencv is uninstalled so opencv-contrib can be installed.

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Hi @Suspicious_Citrus,

What board are you using? If it a Zynq 7000, support is very limited in these kind of packages.

with pip you can specify a log file, if you try again perhaps you will get to see an error message.


I have a pynq z2

As I mentioned in my previous comment, binaries are not common for armv7 architecture, for this reason when you try to install the package, it starts building.

Unfortunately, there is not an easy solution. You’ll have to dig deeper to try to find why the installation is failing.


For any package or image you would like to install in the ZYNQ:

You need a cross compiler to generate the ARM® Cortex™-A9 based binary in order to run on the ZYNQ.

Meanwhile, even you got 7100 top series the maximum clock is 800MHz dual core.
So you cannot run powerful software at all. For example a simple video 1080p fps is slow as what you see in 80s.


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