Getting aruco to install, but wheel keeps failing

-PYNQ version 3.0.0 board is Pynq Z2
When i try to do pip3 install aruco it fails at building the wheel
so from python - Error while installing Aruco using pip "pip install aruco".ERROR: Failed building wheel for aruco - Stack Overflow
-I first try pip install opencv-contrib-python where it fails due to not being able to build wheel for numpy

I tried pip install --upgrade pip setuptools wheel to upgrade the wheel and something happens, but now it does not see numpy even though it is already installed.

someone recommended to uninstall OpenCV and install an older version but that failed to when trying to use the wheel to install numpy. so now i have no opencv

This discussion suggests that I download pre wheel compiled files, but i’m not sure how to get those over to the pynq I’m my Linux experience is not that strong.

Any suggestions?

Hi @Suspicious_Citrus,

I would suggest you try to install the package from the JupyterLab terminal, where the pynq environment is enabled. In this terminal, the pynq env is not enabled.