How to troubleshoot Pynq SD image build problems?

Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS (Desktop)
Pynq 2.6.0/2 (Git repo, worked with both branches 2.6.0 and 2.6.2 to be explicit)
Zynq-7000 (Z020)

To start, I’ve been having 2 months of problems with trying to build a working SD card image of Pynq for a custom board. The biggest problem that I have atm is troubleshooting issues in the build process when the build throws an error.

I get the build errors in the console but I don’t always know how to see what makefile in what location created the error. I see posts on the forums of log files but most of the time I don’t know where to find them to do any troubleshooting.

I am new to using Linux and the makefile system, any tips on how to troubleshoot build issues would be a great help.

Are you using the PYNQ pre-built image flow?:


@cathalmccabe I was able to create the image using the board agnostic method, just not a clean build from scratch which I am ok with for now. However, the whole reason I went through this method from a clean install of Ubuntu was because I can’t use the Overlay or Bitstream methods to load bit images to the FPGA; Pynq crashes every time.

Should I open up a new thread on this issue?

OK. Yes, please open a new issue.