How to upgrade the Cmake version in Pynq-Z1 board

I need to use a new version of Cmake on my project, so I have install a required version as follow:

tar xvzf cmake-3.14.4.tar.gz
cd cmake-3.14.4
make install

I have finished the installation without any error.
when I check the Cmake version he still use the old version.
Also, when I build the project I got this error:

CMake Error at ngraph/CMakeLists.txt:17 (cmake_minimum_required):
CMake 3.11 or higher is required. You are running version 3.10.2

Any help???

Thank you


You need to update which version of cmake the system is using.

What is the result of this which cmake? That will tell you where the system is getting cmake from.



how can I update ?
the which make gives :

thank you Mario

You could use the newest cmake that you just installed by running with the full path. I am not sure where the new cmake was installed. But, for instance, instead of doing cmake <config> you can do <full path to new cmake>/cmake <config> That should work.

Following your steps cmake gets installed in /usr/local/bin/.

So, now instead of running cmake run /usr/local/bin/cmake and you should have version 3.14.4
Try it out /usr/local/bin/cmake --version


Hi Mario
I have uninstalled the default version of cmake, and then install the version that I want following the tutorial below:
I close and open again the terminal and I get the new version works as I expected.

Thank you for your support.