I am facing this error when i am building an image for enclustra board

WARNING: tmpfile= /petalinux_project/project-spec/hw-description/
ERROR: Default bitsream is not found, please specify a bitstream file path with --fpga

Have you provided a bitstream?
For example, in the PYNQ image for PYNQ-Z1/2 boards, base.bit is generated and used as default.


I have provided the bitstream. It is provided inside the base directory.

What command have you run and how do you structure your board folder?

I have run Make BOARDS=XU1 for building the image. This was done inside PYNQ/sdbuild .
The board folder has a base directory which has a bitstream, a petalinux folder which has the hdf file since the board doesn’t have a custom Bsp. and a .spec file which has the details of packages to be included in the image

Do you have a git repo which we can take a look?

For the hdf file, when you export it, please make sure it includes the bitstream. That might be the problem.

but a bitstream is provided in the base/bit directory. I have used that bitstream

You also need bitstream to sit in the hdf file as well. How did you get the hdf file?

By the way, for your error message, can you post more log messages?