Enclustra board: how to create .bsp file to build PYNQ image

I have been attempting to build a custom PYNQ SD card image for Mercury XU1. However, I require a BSP file for the device xczu15eg-ffvc900-3-e . In the case of my Zedboard, I had its petalinux bsp file readily available on Xilinx’s website; I downloaded it and built a custom SD card PYNQ image for the Zedboard. How do I go about doing the same for the aforementioned Mercury XU1 board ?

I think this is a petalinux question, but in general you can do something like:

  1. build hardware design; generate hdf file.
  2. petalinux-create your project.
  3. petalinux-config get hdf description from your hdf file.
  4. petalinux-package into a bsp.

i see different procedures for building bsp form petalinux. In the method you have specified you haven’t used petalinux-config or petalinux-build before packing the bsp?

That is correct. You can package the project into bsp before you actually build any image. In our case, since we have not run any petalinux-build yet, the bsp won’t have any prebuilt in it.