Enclustra board: how to create .bsp file to build PYNQ image

I have been attempting to build a custom PYNQ SD card image for Mercury XU1. However, I require a BSP file for the device xczu15eg-ffvc900-3-e . In the case of my Zedboard, I had its petalinux bsp file readily available on Xilinx’s website; I downloaded it and built a custom SD card PYNQ image for the Zedboard. How do I go about doing the same for the aforementioned Mercury XU1 board ?

I think this is a petalinux question, but in general you can do something like:

  1. build hardware design; generate hdf file.
  2. petalinux-create your project.
  3. petalinux-config get hdf description from your hdf file.
  4. petalinux-package into a bsp.