Illegal instruction (core dumped) using tflite on pynq z1

Hello all,
I am trying to run tflite on pynq z1 but I am getting an error "Illegal instruction (core dumped) when I am calling the function interpreter.invoke. I have built the compatible tflite runtime from scratch following the instructions from the official website Build TensorFlow Lite Python Wheel Package
but could not fix this issue.
Anyone got a similar problem?
Thank you in advance

Hi,I have the same problem.
Did you already solve the problem?

Hi @Arif_PENS, not yet, I am wondering if the pynq z1 cpu supports this.


Along my basic tutorial develop, I recall the ZYNQ itself cannot handle that much of computation.
As the DDR3 itself only got 1GB. So what would you expect is quite expectable.
So I will highly suggest train on host and inference on ZYNQ.
Meantime, if you are lazy as me you can use the weight load function only via the exported weight file.

it is been a while, so any new ARM-based low tensorlite might make me wrong.

As always, enjoy~ =]

Thank you for your answer @briansune I will try this out.

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