Importing arduino library files into pynq


I would like some help on how i would be able to import arduino files such as .c, .h, and .cpp into pynq so i can use them on my pynq z2 board with jupyter.

I believe i read somewhere that i must first compile the files to be compatible with the microblaze processor. Is this correct and if so how would i go about it?

I trying to make my Adafruit RA8875 touch display work with my pynq z2 board. My plan is to take an image or video coming from the HDMI input and display it onto the screen. Right now i want to use the Arduino ports as i am new to pynq but later will use pmod to connect to the display.

Here is the link to the adafruit page for the display i am using if you want to check it out:

Github link to one of the Arduino libraries i want to import:

I think a good starting point would be:

You should have a look at this notebook,
The examples are simple but may help.

Thanks guys! I will take a look at those links.